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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hurricane Christmas

Last night, we had the pleasure of touring one of our local fire stations with my son's Cub Scout den. Very cute, the boys had a lot of fun counting hoses and checking out the "secret compartments" that the fire trucks and engines house. The moms had fun googling at the cute fire man that demonstrated his fire suit for us. It was pretty win/win.

After that adventure, we headed out to our local tree dealer. This is the latest we have ever brought home a tree. Usually we have it in and decorated by December 1st. This year? Slacker central. Anyway, we found our tree fairly quickly and brought it home. My husband proceeded to move an end table, dog bed, and chair out of their spots to put the tree in it's traditional location. Where are those three items now? Well, I put the dog bed in a good spot, but I currently have an end table and chair chillin in the middle of the living room along with the clippings of the tree that my son insisted we bring home. It's like a hurricane hit in there!

On top of everything else I have to finish today/before the weekend/before Christmas.....guess they'll go in the spare bedroom dungeon of discarded furniture and unwanted items, also known as the office. Gah! I'll tackle that disaster in 2012. =o)

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