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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Officially, officially week ONE

This week officially kicks off training week one. I thought it was last week, but after I went through my calendar and wrote my training plan in starting from race day and working backwards, I discovered that it is in fact this week. Woooohooo!! Last week I did my highest mileage week yet, coming in at just under 11 miles. Small potatoes compared to what it will be these next few weeks.

Monday: stretch and strengthen. Jacob had a great plan that we would alternate, one would do sit-ups while the other jump roped. It kept us moving and our heart rate up, definitely up. I wound up doing 125 sit ups and lost track of jumps. Moving on to lunges. I haven't done lunges in forEVER and Jacob suggested I try them with weights. Big mistake. Bad form and weak leg muscles lead to a slight leg bicep pull. Ouch. Time to lay off. Then we moved on to bench press. I feel so weak, but I know that time will improve everything. Stretching felt great after that, and we did a loooong stretch which he usually doesn't partake in. Something about feeling like a jackass. I don't know.

Tuesday: Three mile run. After locking up the house, I realized that my iPod was safely tucked away inside the locked vehicle. Oh noes!! Jacob said, "it's not a big deal, try running with out it. You might like it." I have never partaken in naked running like that, but I figured why not? Turns out that I LOVED it. I could converse with Jacob (kinda) which was a great indicator of how much I was pushing myself. Also, surprisingly enough, I felt like the miles were passing faster than they felt when I was plugged into my headphones. Maybe because I wasn't constantly irritated by the cords and the earbuds almost falling out. Whatever it was, it was great. We talked about our goals for the running and our get-fit weight-loss plans. We kept moving the whole time except for at stop lights and I somehow had enough gas at the end to sprint to the finish.

Last night was a cross training night. Since we only have one bicycle (not for long, I hope) we wound up doing another weight training night. Back and biceps, accompanied by jump rope and 100 knee ups on the tower of power. I was sweating bullets by the time we finished and it felt AMAZING.

Jacob has lost 12 lbs in the past two weeks and is fitting into his "skinny jeans" lol. (They aren't really skinny, just his smaller size that he has been agonizing over fitting into for over a year.) I haven't really lost anything in the past two weeks, but I am feeling great!! Only downside? My jeans are disgustingly baggy in the booty area. Not cute. Can't wait to buy new, smaller ones!!!


  1. 12 pounds in two weeks! woah! He is on fire!

    Glad you're feeling good, new clothes is always a plus :)

  2. You guys are so awesome! If you want another bike, we have a couple extra you can choose from :) I think they just need the tubes changed, which I have the replacements for but have never gotten around to doing it...anyways just lemme know! :)