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Monday, August 23, 2010

My return...

Last report left you hanging with word of an injury. It was pretty bad, in my eyes. I couldn't really walk without limping. Off and on throughout the day I would have this throbbing ache punctuated by a sharp shooting pain through the outer edge of my foot. Seriously inconvenient, I'm tellin ya. I was worried. Just in the nick of time, I was struck down by what I'm certain was food poisoning. I think it was the nutrition gods smiting me, or whatever it is they say. While taking my son back-to-school shopping we wound up at the mall. Terrible place, really. Here nor there, I wound up in the food court at lunch time with two very hungry children and we ate Panda Express. I felt fine until I started cooking dinner. Long story short, overnight was a disaster of my two-year-old puking (and my dog beating me to her bedroom and eating it! gross!!) and me being up all night with her. The following day I could barely move, I felt so terrible. So being the awful mommy that I am sometimes, I laid on the couch all day with the kids watching Alf and VeggieTales on Finally at around 9 pm I felt good enough to swap a load of laundry out and that's when I realized that my foot didn't hurt any more!! Apparently all I needed was something to force my a$$ to stay still and stop walking around!

It had been almost two weeks since I last ran, but we had already paid the registration for Kaleo's 5k which was yesterday. I was a little nervous since it had been so long. My nervousness increased when Jacob looked at me before the race and asked if I had already used my inhaler. D'oh! I leave it in my purse, but that morning I grabbed my wallet and threw it in the bag with the kids' extra clothes. Rookie move.

Isaiah ran his first race, too! He has been begging for us to register him for the kids' run at the next race we did. So true to our word, we registered him for the 1/2 mile run for kids 6-11. We pumped him up for it, and prepared him that there would be kids bigger than him and he might not be the fastest one out there but as long as he finished and did the best he could, we would be proud of him. He's kind of a sore loser, and being that he is at the bottom of his age group, I didn't want him giving up because he was being beat. He came in FOURTH. I was so stinkin proud of him, I had to hold back tears as I watched him line up at the start and then pumping past me and the tears were flowing watching him cross the finish line. Sappy mommy, I know. But it was amazing.

My mom came along with us to hang onto the kids while we did the 5k, and I am so thankful to her for that. It was really nice having them waving at us excitedly as we ran past at the start. It was pretty warm, but we trucked along. He told me that he didn't want me to hold back for him, "I won't let you leave me," he said. So on I went. Supposedly this course was flat and fast, but I have run three 5ks so far and this had the most inclines out of any yet! They were small, but I could definitely feel the difference! My goal was to break 35 minutes. Being that I hadn't run in two weeks, wasn't sure how my ankle/foot was going to hold up, and didn't have my inhaler, I thought that an almost three minute improvement was reasonable. He huffed to me as we passed the three mile marker, "give it all you've got, finish strong!" We crossed the finish line side by side at 34:33.3. This breaks down to 11:09 miles, which is over a full minute per mile improvement from my last 5k. I'm really excited about that! I can't wait until our times drop into the single digits but in the meantime I'm just happy with progress in the right direction!

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