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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Three Things Thursday- Let's try this out

I've been slacking on my blogging lately, why I do not know. So I'm going to attempt to do a Three Things Thursday to at least keep me up-to-date once a week.

1) Jacob and I ran 9 miles on Sunday! It was amazing. It felt LOOOOOOnnnnnngggggg, mostly because, well, it was. We were feeling pretty good and even incorporated a small hill (Palamidessi Bridge) in the middle. We tried out Hammer Gel for the first time, which was not to bad tasting. The texture was odd and unexpected, but not terrible. I managed to keep my feet on the ground for almost the whole run. See, I have bad luck with cracks in the road/sidewalk. (I even fell once while 37 weeks pregnant with my son, wound up getting taken to the emergency room, good stuff.) So as we're running along WestAcre, I'm telling myself that we're in the home stretch, just pretend like this is just another run, we're almost done...and boom! I hit a spot in the sidewalk where the crack is raised about an inch above the rest. I go flying forward, almost losing my shoe, and plant my palms into the sidewalk. Somehow I didn't skid. Somehow only my hands touched the ground. Somehow I didn't get roadrash on my palms. I imagine it's because I was moving at snail speed, but whatever. Jacob comes running back to me, asking me, "what the hell are you doing?" Uh-huh that was totally intentional. He drives me crazy sometimes. Anyway, I shook it off and got back on my feet. We finished the nine miles at right around 2 hours. I am optimistic about adding 4 miles to finish out the half marathon. If I can do 9, I can do 13.1. Right?

2) My husband and I preparing for our first weekend away from the kids in a lonnnnnng time. He is a Freemason, currently the Master of his lodge and this weekend is Grand Lodge, where they get to vote and that good stuff. We get to stay in a fancy schmancy hotel, I get to go to a ladies' luncheon while he is at his business meeting, and then we get to get all dolled up (think prom, for adults) for a formal banquet and dancing. I am really excited for adult time with our friends that we have made within our Lodge and others in the area. I am kinda stressing out about the packing thing....I have to pack for the kids for the weekend with their grandparents, plus pack for Jacob and I for business meetings and a formal night out. I'm sure to forget something- last time we did something like this, I forgot his dress socks and bow tie for his tux.

3) I recently added two things to my "bucket list". One is to run on the Embarcadero in San Francisco and the other is to run Ali'i Drive in my hometown, Kailua-Kona. Well, we are about to cross something off the list. Unfortunately, it's not running in Kona. This weekend, we have a ten miler slated. We know for damn sure we won't want to run Sunday night after getting home from Frisco. We also know that we don't want to run on a treadmill for 2+ hours, gross! So that only leaves us with one option- wake up early on Sunday and run in the one spot in San Francisco that's not a hill. We are running the Embarcadero!! We mapped it out from the little beach at the end to the bridge and it's 2.5 miles each way. Four times and we'll be good. So wish us luck with that!!

That's all for now, my little angel (ha!) is demanding lunch, RIGHT NOW. She's so bossy sometimes...I have no idea where she gets it from. ;)

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  1. Good for you guys! 9 miles is so far!! And hey, if you went almost the whole way before falling, even better ;) At least you didn't face plant :)