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Monday, December 13, 2010

It begins....again.

Today officially kicks off our training program for the next half marathon in our playlist. It's hard to believe that in twelve weeks, I'll be out pounding the pavement for 2:30 (did you catch that positive vibe? oooh yeahhhh...) to complete another 13.1 miles. Not so long ago, it was an impossibility that I would ever run 5 miles. And here I am, with aspirations to run two HMs next year followed by a full in 2012. Amazing.

Yesterday we went to Fleet Feet to pick up some new shoes. I love our Fleet Feet. It's always so full of friendly staff and shoppers. The store itself is so quaint. Nobody looks at you funny when you're walking across the store with your jeans rolled up to your knees. They put your shoes on for you and rub your feet as they talk to you about the foot bones and arch support. Nobody looks at you funny when you run across the sales floor with your jeans rolled up to your knees with two different shoes on. Unfortunately, I think I party fouled yesterday. I was all excited about my shoes, they felt great, looked great, yay! The very helpful foot expert cut my Superfeet insoles to my shoe, we paid, and off we went. After dinner, we popped our shoes on just to check it out and wear them around the house before scuffing them up outside. My shoes were too tight. OH NO. I am notorious for this. At first I thought, no big deal, I'll just take them back. My husband looked at me with an amazed look on his face and said, "yeah, it's a good thing you had $35 insoles cut to fit the shoe". *#&^^%! I'm going to call them today to find out what I should do. If all else fails, I guess I can try and see how the size 8 insole works in the size 8.5 shoe.....if not, I guess I just screwed myself out of $35.

I put my old shoes on and we headed out the door for a quick jog to see how his knees would hold up to the upcoming mileage. No bueno. We were just going to go two miles, no biggie. After using the Pain Roller and stretching for a ridiculous amount of time as advised by his doctor, he still was only able to run for less than a quarter mile. Almost instantly, he told me that his knee was twinging pretty bad, after a minute or two of looking at his face I asked if we needed to stop and he admitted that we did. So we walked to the stop light and turned to head home. He already had big plans for his crosstraining (he is going to start biking to work a few days a week and swimming once a week at least), but he is really upset that he can't run. I'm scared. If he can't run, I will have to do this training myself. I have to run this whole thing myself. He told me that I have to know that I can do it myself- I guess this will be my chance to prove it.

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  1. Yeah for having the next event on the racing calendar and double yeah for new shoes :-) I am getting ready start my Boston training so I know how you feel. You will do great!

  2. Congrats on doing two HM's next year! You will have a blast! I'll be coaching a half class in the spring, I can't wait for it to get started!!!

  3. Keep up the foam rolling. It gets better(easier and less painful) I do the roller before and after every run and twice a day when I don't run. It has helped me start running again. I back to 8 miles on my long run with no pain. Started at 1 mile when the pain came but now it's gone. Also, I would recommend checking out for their roller - worth the extra money because it does not break down.

  4. Thanks guys! And Detroit Runner, thanks for the link; I'll have to check it out!