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Thursday, April 28, 2011


That was the sound my dreams made, just for a brief moment, yesterday. *squish* As many of you may know, I have a dream to run a full marathon prior to my 30th birthday. This blessed event is to take place on November 19, 2012. I am settling for being registered for a marathon taking place soon after my 30th birthday since I am lucky enough to live in Sacramento, home of the California International Marathon. It's held the first weekend of December so it will be about two weeks after my 30th birthday, which I can compromise for.

As many of you may not know, my husband is super duper protective of me. Yesterday while I was gushing over my big plans for the half marathon later this year followed by a half marathon in May-ish of next year followed by THE BIG FULL in November, he stopped me. And divulged that he isn't really comfortable with the idea of me running 26.2. My jaw dropped, and I was completely speechless. But only for a second. "WHAT??? What do you mean?" Turns out he knows someone that has run a marathon. Well he knows a few, but this particular individual really did a number on himself during the marathon and somehow caused himself to become diabetic.

The full story on this is unknown, but my husband (I suppoooooose) has reason for concern. Diabetes runs absolutely rampant in both sides of my family. I have a grandparent on both sides and several aunts and uncles that suffer from complications due to diabetes. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my daughter which increases my risk of contracting Type II diabetes even further. So for him to hear of this person becoming diabetic immediately following the marathon freaked him out. More than freaked him out. He is insisting that I am under a doctor's care for my entire training cycle. He wants me to bust out my blood tester and start using it. My husband, my dear dear husband is known for his dramatics and over-reacting, but this surprised me. So how am I going to handle it? If anything this makes me want to do it even more. To prove that I am stronger than this condition. To prove even further that I can do it. If he wants me to be under a doctor's care, well, I guess I'll be visiting the doctor a lot next year. I'll be doing a lot of research and monitoring everything very closely.

For a brief moment, my dreams went *squish* but they're back. I just have more obstacles in my way, and that will make my victory that. much. sweeter.

Has anyone else heard of anything like this happening before?? I never have, so any input is welcome!


  1. Can't say I've ever heard of this happening because of running a marathon. Is he sure that there was not other health issues with the person he knows that ran this marathon. Most people think of the bad things when you say you're running a marathon. "Oh, haven't people died in those?" In all reality, running a marathon if probably much better for you than sitting on the couch every day. Just my opinion. If you are worried or to appease your husband, I suggest getting a physical before you start your marathon training. By the time you start training for the full, you should be in excellent shape so there will be no worries.

  2. I have a hard time believing running the marathon caused the diabetes. However, the intensity of the training and the race could possibly cause it to be noticed and actually diagnosed. It is wise to monitor your CBGs due to your family history. It is more likely you will not get diabetes because of your endurance training!

  3. How possible is it that he was just diagnosed after but was actually diabetic prior?

  4. Hm. This is interesting to me. I say, go to the doctor tell him/her your plans and see what he/she says. Hopefully, the story your husband heard was just one of those fluke things. I hope you make it to the full since, after all, it is YOUR dream. :)