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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two choices

I found this quote in this great book I just finished. (It's called The Seven Faith Tribes, and I totally recommend it.) Ready for your mind to be blown? Here goes: "Every living thing has two choices: grow or die. If you're not doing one, you're doing the other. My advice: choose growth!!" Is your mind blown yet? Mine was.

My goal every day is to do something that I can be proud of, that I can say, "yes, I did that". Yesterday I framed and hung some pictures that I have been meaning to handle for a long long time. This finally got me started on the wall collage that I have been envisioning for almost as long. I put some more miles on my shoes. Today I worked some more on the blanket for my friends. I took the kiddos to the park and soaked up some sun. I did some reading and copied down some yummy looking and healthy recipes. Anyway, so I'd like to do something every day that enriches my life and allows me to GROW in some way. Whether it be artistically with painting or crocheting or playing guitar or physically or spiritually, I will do something every day that will lead to something bigger in myself. I even feel like crossing things off of my checklist makes me feel good inside, like I am overcoming hurdles or something. Dog flea and heartworm medicine? Check. Selecting/purchasing my son's suit for his cameo as ring bearer? Check. It's the little things that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Now I'm off to fold some whites, my least favorite job, and then finish this darn blanket square. But before I leave, let me ask you: What did you do today that made you feel good??

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  1. That's a very interesting theory, but quite true.
    Today I made dinner for my family, got a workout in and did all my exercises to get over my injury. Can't ask for more!