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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Behind. I hate being behind.

Grr. I haven't blogged since Thursday. It makes it difficult to blog when my husband is home, like he is for the weekends. I have no excuse for the lack of blogging the other days. So here's what I thought about being thankful for in the days that I was missing.
Friday: I was thankful for coffee. Oh man, am I thankful for coffee. I drank a cup every day when I first arrived at the office. Sometimes one in the afternoon. Sometimes, walking to Starbucks was my excuse to leave the office for a break. It almost seems that I drink more coffee now as a stay-at-home-mom than I did before! It makes no sense, but it seems like I do, especially now that the weather is (finally!) getting colder. Also, I've read a lot of articles about how the caffeine is helpful in weight loss so now I view it as something that is helping me in more ways than one.
Saturday: I was thankful for means of electronic communication. I love email and Facebook, probably to an extreme. I get all of my updates from my friends, even the ones I talk to semi-regularly, via the magical internet. If it weren't for the internet I wouldn't talk to anybody. I hate talking on the phone (there are a few people I make the exception for), and usually have a very difficult time with it when the kids are awake. They view Mommy on the phone as time for them to cause all kinds of destruction and I can't yell about it at all.

Sunday: Thankful for the RAIN!!! And boy, did it rain. And rain. And rain. All night and all day. We woke to a very wet and gray day, which I loved. I got to head out shopping by myself and immerse myself in the racks upon racks of shoes and clothes at our local Ross. It poured all the way out to Woodland from our house and then again all the way home. On the way home, we saw the most beautiful rainbow which appeared to originate from the river. It reminded me of my favorite non-running quote which relates very well to my life in running/working out and inspired my blog title- "If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain" (Dolly Parton).

**Not the actual rainbow we saw, but it's gorgeous, right?**

Monday: Thankful for pain? Sounds off, but think about it. After a long, hard workout, one of the most satisfactory feelings is that tightening and soreness in your muscles that let you know that you made some progress the day before. We worked out hard on Sunday afternoon and I pushed through every rep. Monday morning when I woke up I felt that all too familiar ache that reminded me that we worked out our chest and triceps. The burn was uncomfortable but what it meant felt wonderful.

Tuesday: Thankful for magazines like this and girls that look like this that grace their covers. From one aspect, I am not thankful for them because they remind of something that I am certainly not. But then on the other hand, they give me something to look at and be driven toward. I would love to be in at least half as good shape as any of them are. I love reading about things that can make my efforts in the gym even more effective. I also love cutting their pictures out and putting them on my motivation board.

I'm sure right now that my friend Denise's baby girl is being born, so I'm off to check on her status (via Facebook of course). Hope everyone's day is going lovely!!

PS- 45 days until Christmas! 52 days until 1/1/2011!!

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