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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday thankful tidbit

Almost missed it! Actually, for those on the East Coast, it's already tomorrow so I technically dropped the ball. Good thing I don't live on the East Coast. Today is Veteran's Day, so it's only fitting that today I am thankful for all the veterans. Last week, a representative of the VFW came to Isaiah's pack meeting to talk about the Buddy Poppy program. I couldn't stay in the room to listen to him talk because our two year old decided she had to go pee about five times so after the second time, I just hung around outside and watched the guy talk. As I watched his mouth move silently, I wondered about the things that he has seen in his lifetime. I wondered about the things that he has burned into his mind that he doesn't even talk to his family about. I wondered about the things that he dreams about at night that aren't dreams, but repressed memories.

I know lots of veterans. My husband is a member of a Masonic Lodge, and we have a lot of members that are Vietnam vets. I had a conversation with one of them a few weeks ago, and he really opened my eyes. Without going into very much detail he let me know that there are things that my naive little mind could never even imagine that he saw on a daily basis. A little closer to home, my brother-in-law is a veteran as well. It's strange to look at this "kid" lounging on my couch with unkempt hair, scruffy face, and odd choice of clothing and think that he has had a type of experience that neither I nor my husband could even begin to grasp. He is all smiles and jokes most of the time, but I know that the things his brain holds are unimaginable for most. He gave up the innocence of his youth to fight in honor of our country.

To all the men and women out there that have put their lives on the line, I am thankful for you.

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