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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Norcal Running

Just yesterday I was wondering how else to find blogging runners in my area. I mean, it's great that I get to know you guys in Colorado, Wisconsin, Washington, and Michigan and all but.......y'all are too dang far away!! After our spectator-less first half-marathon last month, I realized that I really need to hook up and get some runner buddies around here. Someone that will WANT to come stand on the sidelines and cheer us on or someone that will WANT to join us running. I have to admit, I'm a little jealous when I read blog posts from friends where other bloggy buddies have met up for runner shenanigans while carb loading beforehand or created several personal cheering sections. Man, that must be AWESOME! So far, I have one buddy that lives actually just a few miles away from us. Hopefully once he gets all better from his recent injury and we hit race season again, we can help support each other. (**Hi Jose!!**)

So imagine my surprise when I got a comment from someone at telling me that they added me to their blogroll. Say what??? A blog completely dedicated to running in NorCal?? A blog with other running bloggers in my area?? OMG it's an answer to my prayers. Today that's what I'm thankful for. A look into my local running community. I'm super excited. I hope that soon my running blog includes more running and less prattling on about life in general.

Speaking of life in general, my birthday happens to be this Friday. So naturally I am in full-swing deep cleaning mode. See, nobody comes over to our house. We're kinda homebodies like that. Our house is small and therefore we run out of places to creatively store and hide all our crap. Said crap winds up tucked around the house until I have the time/motivation to run around and find it a proper home. School papers, mail, books, kids toys- you know, things like that. So I am getting things organized and prepared for company this Friday for my birthday celebration. It's just going to be my family and probably my in-laws, just a few people, but in our house just a few people makes a crowd which makes any little out-of-place thing feel like it's crowding people in. Jacob is planning dinner and I assume cake...

Our conversation on Monday:

Me: So I planned our menu for the week and I'm ready to go shopping. Uuuuhhhhh, I'm going out on a limb and didn't plan a meal for Friday since I HOPE I'm not cooking on my birthday.

Jacob: *laughing* No honey, you won't have to cook on Friday.

Potentially this will be a pizza night. We'll see.

What do you usually do for your birthday?


  1. My birthdays usually consist of bbq at a park, or bbq at our house lol Oh and wonderful friends of course! :) Happy (almost) Birthday Daph!

  2. Actually Norcal Running is a magazine that just lunched this month. You can pick it up at your local running store. It is full of information that is not on the website. Our website is in it's beta version right now, but will eventually evolve into a more standard interface, rather than a blog interface. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks for the clarification. I went onto the website again shortly after posting this and poked around some more and discovered that I only saw a portion of the website when I first hopped on. That's even more exciting!

  4. Hello, from your newest follower! We'll be exchanging xmas cards as well.

    I love your blog! I'm in SoCal and I LOVVVVE Northern California. I hope to end up there one day, permanently. Can't wait to catch up on all your older posts.