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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thankful tidbits 2

Hello out there to bloggy land, and welcome to the second installment of 'What Daphne's thankful for'. Today has been a rough day. See, it never fails. It's the first week of November, and already the fighting has started over what we are doing for Thanksgiving. Not fighting between us, but fighting between my husband and his mom. Every year, the holidays turn into a struggle over how we will be spending them, where will we be going, and who will get to see more of us. If any of you are from a split home, you understand what I'm talking about. This year though, we have decided that instead of fighting and trying to shove everyone into our house so nobody feels left out, we are leaving town. We are packing up and heading out. This has lead to more drama than I expected. But I am vowing that I will NOT spend another holiday season stressing out with high blood pressure, ready to drink myself into a coma. I refuse. So with that, I am thankful for the happy things of the season.

I am thankful for the leaves, the millions of leaves that look absolutely gorgeous on the ground. The leaves that as a family we will rake for hours on end, jumping and playing with them, squishing into the green waste containers. I am thankful for the colors. For my Uggs which I love to wear and it is finally cool enough to pull it off. For the smells- cinnamon, honey, warm apple and pumpkin pies. For the comfort food- roasts and stews cooked all day long in the slow cooker. For seasonal flavors of coffees and creamers. I am thankful for the festive holiday displays. I am thankful and a little embarrased that the Christmas decorations at the mall still to this day catch my breath and I look in amazement at them just like a little kid. I love the hustle and bustle at the malls during the holiday season, but only when I'm not trying to buy anything on a deadline myself. I am thankful for FALL and the beatiful, wonderful feelings, smells, and sights that it brings.

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