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Friday, May 14, 2010

Falling into place

No running last night or this morning. What a hectic night. We found an amazing dumbbell set in Modesto at a great price. It's a little heavy for me starting out but we will get a set of 10s and 15s to accomodate me until I can lift 20. We are scheduled to pick up the first load tonight, which left us needing a place to put all the weights! So three hours later...our garage is cleaner than it has ever been! There is plenty of space to park Rosie AND have a massive amount of weights and a weight bench in there. It looks great. We also found a dip station with pull-up bar, etc on Craig's List for only $80 so we will be picking that up tonight. It all feels like it's coming together and Jacob is super excited that we will finally have the at-home gym that he has always dreamed of.

Today Isaiah played the third red hen in his Kindergarten classroom production of "The Little Red Hen". I took an extended lunch to see his performance. I could not have been prouder. He did so well. He had the most lines out of all of the kids and he spoke loudly and clearly so that even we, in the back of the room, could hear and understand him. And best of all, he was so proud of himself. I love knowing that our children will grow up knowing that their parents are proud of them. He had the biggest crowd of people there with me, Russell, Tiffany, Edwina, and Scott all there. Jacob couldn't make it so I got everything on video.

We lost three more people today. They have already left. It's so wierd in here now...and we found out today that people will be here next week to start clearing out the office. They are starting with the loan officer section that isn't used, so we will still have our cubicles and stuff- for now. The countdown is on. Only seven more working days left.

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