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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hello, Mother Nature?

I am absolutely mind boggled by this insane weather. It's snowing in Truckee and I just heard that a nearby ski resort is opening it's lifts for -get this- Memorial Day weekend! Hellloooo-o, do I live in California or what? It's nice that my PG&E bill will continue to be nice and low due to lack of a/c use, but a little bit ridiculous that I sent my kid to school in his winter jacket today. Next week he is supposed to have Water Fun Day to celebrate the end of the school year but I don't think I'll be sending him his water play clothes if it continues to be this cold. Thaaat's how I want to start the summer- take my kid to the E.R because of hypothermia. C'mon now.

So yesterday's run was interesting. We thought that maybe just maybe I could do the run with the double stroller with just one kid in it. So I hauled it down, got Justice bundled up and buckled in and off we went. Right away, I knew this would be a problem. The handles on the dang thing are too high and too wide to be comfortable for me. The front wheel? It doesn't swivel so you have to push the whole front end up in the air to turn. The thing weighs about 500 lbs, plus the 30 lb toddler and her baby that she insisted we bring along. Long story short, I got the 2 miles in, although I was cursing under my breath the whole time. I started off a little overzealous, being that I was pushing the stroller for the first time ever, the wind was in my face, and my asthma is ever-present and posing more of an issue due to this lingering cold. This weekend we are heading to Once Upon A Child and trading it in. Isaiah is too big and heavy to ride in it now anyway, and the 30 lb weight difference leaves it very unbalanced and difficult to manuever.

I am feeling optimistic about things. I feel like I got a lot accomplished yesterday with the catch-up stuff around the house that has gone to the wayside while I was busy working 50 million hours a week. There's a lot more to be done, a lot more to be organized and gone through, but I feel really good. Let me tell you, it was awesome last night to have a hot dinner (pork chops, broccoli, and mashed potatoes) and a cold beer cracked open for Jacob when he walked in the door, and I know that he appreciated it too.

Well, now that I've done my cracked out SuperWoman typing for the day, I've used up my time allotted for internet while Justice naps, so off I go to tackle another organizational nightmare!!!

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  1. I agree this weather is INSANE! At the rate this is going, Dominick's birthday party may be rained out! :( I also agree about the double stroller, we plan to switch back to our Jeep jogging stroller (which are great BTW) now that Dominick is jut too big to push in the double...