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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Feeling a little bit....

Pathetic, really. This morning I set my alarm again for 5:30 am. Lucky for me, I have a two-year-old that decided that it was against her religion to sleep last night. I was up with her all night long, and my alarm did me zero good this morning. I'm just glad I got up in time to wake Isaiah up to get ready for school. Tonight is the night. I will be running tonight, no matter what time it is! Hopefully Jacob will be up for it with me since I am not comfortable going out at night by myself.

A few months ago, I had created for myself what I thought was a loose goal to lose 30 lbs by our camping trip. Woohoo I was all gung-ho the day I created the goal, and wrote down my little time milestones on the calendar. Today I looked at the calendar, and to my surprise it says "30 days". OMG. My 'loose' goal is nowhere in sight. I have lost a whopping 4 lbs with 26 to go in one month. What the heck, where did the time go? I'm not about to kill myself and go all crazy trying to hit this goal...but really???? I have to do the best I can to make it happen, otherwise there's another goal turned to dust. I'm really sick of creating these goals and them never coming to fruition.

I'd like to put it out there, my goals for this year. It's difficult to say, because all the experts say not to measure your success by pounds or by sizes but I have to have something tangible to report. Something tangible for me to measure. So some of these goals are wishy-washy, because they will adjust as I start to realize that maybe what I thought my goal weight is not really for me and I am happy and fit and in shape at a different weight.

Goal 1: RUN the Urban Cow Half Marathon on October 2. At this time, my goal is to finish in under 2 hr 45 min. This is based on a very lax 12 minute mile. I will change my goal finish time as I increase in speed.

Goal 2: Be in the best shape of my adult life for my 10 year high school reunion in September. At this point I would like to weigh between 125 & 130 and be in around a size 5.

Goal 3: Wear a bathing suit! Get a tan!

Goal 4: I would LOVE to run a full marathon by my 30th birthday. I have until November 2012 to do it, so lots and lots of time to prepare myself.

Well, that's it for now. Talk at y'all later. Hope it's a fantastic day!

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