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Friday, May 21, 2010


This morning Jacob had to be at work by six. Naturally, that meant that I was up super early with him while he banged around the bedroom getting himself ready. After he left I was torn- what should I do with my time?? I went back and forth wondering if I should just go back to sleep for the few precious minutes OR if I should get my a$$ out of bed and take the dog for a run. Just as I decided to go back to sleep, my phone buzzed on the nightstand. It was my daily email from Runner's World with my inspirational quote of the day. Well, that did it. Up I went, pulling on my clothes in record time. After waking up my sister to tell her that I was leaving, I hooked Bella up and off we went.

I'm sure my neighbors appreciated all of their dogs going crazy as we cruised down the block. It was like they were doing the wave for us, how sweet. And then as we hit the track at the park, the people who backed up the park all seemd to have dogs as well. And let me tell ya, they were super excited about us being there. Bella hasn't been to the park in a while so she had to stop and smell every single thing we passed. Trees, flowers, small patches of weeds...Luckily I have a really long leash so I could keep going and she would come trailing along behind me. We did about a mile around the track and it was time for me to get home and wake up my son.

I love running in the morning! It was a great way to get my blood pumping and once I got home I felt like I was doing everything at SuperMom speed! His lunch was made in the blink of an eye, and I even had time to fold the two loads of laundry I didn't get to last night! I feel more awake today than I have in a really long time, even though I didn't get a whole of sleep.

Today is kind of a rough day. It's the last wave of people leaving (well it's just one person, but whatever) before the last of us depart. Thinking about it is incredibly sad. My friends for so long are not going to be a part of my everyday life any more. The people who could read me like a book, who laughed at my goofy faces and antics will be with a new group of people. I am really looking forward to staying home with the kids and TRAINING. But I am very sad to be closing the book on this chapter of my life; one that is filled with laughter and love and stress and recovery.

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