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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

That's all she wrote- not really.

Today was the last day. Our "Series Finale". It was so odd logging off of my computer for the very last time, looking back to make sure everything was locked for the last time, driving out of that parking lot for the last time. Saying bye to them...but not being able to say, "see ya tomorrow". I miss them already. Even though a few of the girls have been gone for a few weeks already, it was difficult to know that there wouldn't be the instant communicator to chit-chat through or say good morning. Just like that, everything has changed. I have to admit that it was nice running my errands. I felt like a real-life grown up- dropping the dry cleaning off, returning books to the library, returning a movie, picking up some pictures, and grocery shopping. All during the day!! Dinner was done by six and the kids were bathed by 7:30. Jacob is in the kitchen playing chess with Isaiah while Justice plays cheerleader. What a bittersweet day it's been.

Tomorrow is supposed to kick-start my official half marathon training. Lucky me, it's been raining pretty much non-stop since about three pm. And I'm still feeling the trailing chest tightness that comes with every single cold I have. It's two miles on the calendar for tomorrow. If I have to take it very slow, so be it. I am determined to get out there and follow the training as closely as I possibly can. If I have to change the order in which the workouts are done, I don't care, as long as I get them in. I have written out my next twelve weeks' workouts on the calendar in my room so I don't forget and I don't have an excuse. It's on the calendar, so it must be done. I'll keep you all posted, wish me luck!

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